Homeward bound

IMG_3546On a drive back from the Santa Cruz area today I was passing along a lonely stretch of highway when the clouds filling the March sky screamed for a picture.

I know it’s wrong but with the light traffic I thumbed my iPhone 4 into position and carefully took two quick shots of the spectacular sky looming above me.

Clouds have appealed to me through the lens and I have quite the iPhone collection going.  When ominous clouds brew above on my days off I can often be found craning my neck skyward to catch the approaching storm.

That’s what I love about taking pictures with the iPhone, it’s that quick reaction shoot-off-the-hip, or in this case off the dashboard style of photography.  Don’t worry and fuss about exposure settings, color balance and EV compensation.  It is the scene that matters.  What image ideas are you perceiving in that one quick fleeting moment that caught your eye.

The clouds above on my homeward journey were enough to make me stop and think or at least take a quick shot at 65 MPH on a ribbon of highway leading me home.