Where you find it


I was walking to my car after work today and just as I was about to open the door I noticed a curious thing.  Pulling in to the parking lot earlier in the day I saw the piles of leaves strewn about the lot. In the evening twilight the leaves formed patterns as their edges merged in the subdued light filtering through.  I knew had to have a photo.


I grabbed my iPhone and began snapping random shots of the leaves spread across the lot like a thin carpet. Most of the leaves were a faded brown although a few deep green leaves found their way into the piles to add a splash of color. It almost looked like a giant puzzle on the ground.


It just goes to show a good photo is where you find it. it could be on the hiking trail on the side of a mountain or it could be somewhere as common as a parking lot, all you have to do sometimes is just take a look.