The mystique of the mountain

Wall Point Loop1-1

Several years ago I made my first hike at Mount Diablo State Park.  With just a point shoot I went on a walk around the summit on the Fire Interpretive Trail.  Think of it as the bunny slope for hikers, a gentle way to the majesty of the mountain.  Ever since then the mountain has been my favorite place to hike and wander with my camera.  There is just a special mystique of the rugged trails that Diablo holds for me and I find myself returning often to explore the sights.

Wall Point Loop2

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Wall Point Loop9

Today’s hike was a short seven-and-half mile hike from Macedo Ranch in Danville along the Wall Point Trail.  I hiked Diablo form Macedo Ranch in January and was greeted with a frozen and flooded trail for a foot-numbing adventure.  I knew today’s hike would certainly be warmer as I made my way a long a loo covering Wall Point, Barbecue Terrace and Stage Roads. The hike leads to the summit trail turning west back to the staging area just two miles from the summit.  sometime in the future I will make a summit hike from Macedo Ranch but that will be another story.  Today’s j=hike was a walk among steep rocky roads twisting up the mountain.

Wall Point Loop13

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Wall Point Loop16

I was surprised by the number of people on the trail today.  Large groups of hikers set out before I hit the trail and a parade of off-road bikes careened down the trail.  I had a nice stretch of ridge hiking with no one around that I revelled in. Blue skies above me, the drone of bees buzzing in the wildflowers along the trail and the distant calls of wild turkeys in the brush made for a tranquil setting as I hiked my way up the mountain.

Wall Point Loop17

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The trail seemed to change at nearly every turn.  My sights ranged from rolling hills of green grass to t rock and withered trees to a lush green creek bed. it is amazing how the environment on the mountain can change so quickly.  It almost seems like I was hiking in different parks as the trail changed around me.

Wall Point Loop24

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Wall Point Loop31

The sections of rough hewn trail have always called to me, it feels like a hiking trail. I like the grassy meadows and pretty flowers along the creek bed, but the untouched, rustic trails have a special place for me.  The climb along wall point is just such a place. it may be hard on the hiking boots but it is a worth the sore legs later.

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I think I fave a few more weeks of green on the mountain. All too soon the coming summer months will color the hills brown and hiking the mountain will become a challenge in the heat.  I will take advantage of the remaining time to get my time on the mountain in.  I still have a another summit hike in the works and who knows, I may try something special before the summers end.  But for now I will enjoy the sights of my favorite place to explore with a camera, the mountain is waiting and there are trails yet to explore.