The summer scene

Westside:Laughlin Loop1

The official start of summer is almost three weeks away but you couldn’t tell that on the trail this weekend. The summer heat has already reached the twists and turns on the trail  leaving a parched scene as I hiked the grasslands of Brushy Peak Regional Preserve.

Westside:Laughlin Loop2

Westside:Laughlin Loop3

Westside:Laughlin Loop4

Westside:Laughlin Loop5

Westside:Laughlin Loop6

Westside:Laughlin Loop7

Westside:Laughlin Loop8

Westside:Laughlin Loop9

Located just outside Livermore the park’s trails circle near the top of Brushy peak leading hikers on a steep climb across the rocky trail. Wide open make for hot hiking as the mercury climbs during the summer months. I made this same hike early in the year navigating the trail shrouded in fog. Todays hike seemed totally different as the top of Brushy Peak loomed above me  against a clear blue sky.

Westside:Laughlin Loop10

Westside:Laughlin Loop11

Westside:Laughlin Loop15

Westside:Laughlin Loop17

Westside:Laughlin Loop18

Westside:Laughlin Loop20

The warm temperatures have drained the green from the hills. Wild grass sway in warm breeze looking like a sea of gold stretching into the distance.  It is summer on the trail and the parched landscape is a sign of hikes to come.

Westside:Laughlin Loop19

Westside:Laughlin Loop21

Westside:Laughlin Loop22

Westside:Laughlin Loop23

Westside:Laughlin Loop24

Westside:Laughlin Loop26

Carrying plenty of water and staying hydrated will be importnat in the coming months as long, steep hikes in the stifling heat can be dangerous. As the landscape takes on it’s dry, hostile appearance the pictures will change as the trail becomes a challenge to endure.

Westside:Laughlin Loop25

Westside:Laughlin Loop27

Westside:Laughlin Loop28

Westside:Laughlin Loop29

Westside:Laughlin Loop30

I’m a little over halfway to my goal of hiking over 200 miles this year. These will be the months that test my mettle as shade becomes a premium on the ridge lines and flat lands on the hiking trail.  I am looking to forward to these hot times and those long days of summer hiking.