Summer’s end

summers end1

I had planned to hike on Saturday, the last official day of summer, but a forecast of rain and thundershowers in the San Ramon Valley area cancelled my plans. Not the way I had anticipated saying farewell to the summer months at all. I settled for a lazy day at my parent’s house watching college football. But when the storm finally arrived I grabbed my camera and explored the front and back yards for any photo opportunities the rains might bring.

summers end2

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summers end8

I had packed my Canon 70D with the 17 to 40mm wide angle zoom and added the 70-200mm telephoto zoom to the camera bag for any possible rain pictures. I thought about packing the 100mm macro but I had decent results on the trail with the 17-40mm lens so I opted to keep it simple. I wasn’t even sure if there was going to be anything to take pictures of. The storm clouds rolled above Tracy and the photo opportunities seemed slim at best.

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I went outside once and just explored the backyard that I had spent many a day playing in when I was young. A myrtle tree with bright purple flowers was an obvious choice as was the fern fronds hanging off  nearby tree. The last roses of the season left in the yard and a curious kitten watching my every move were other pictures to capture as I waited for the storm’s arrival.

summers end16

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summers end22

Finally in the mid afternoon the first rain drops fell sending me out to capture water drops glistening off the leaves.  I worked quickly as not to soak the new camera on the second outing. I even managed to find a butterfly taking refuge from the rain on a plant under the eaves of the house. When the rain stopped I went looking for more water drops clinging to branches and petals around the garden.

summers end24

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summers end29

My weekend hike changed from the last hike of summer to the first hike in fall as I planned to head out and get my hike in on the next day. it wasn’t the way I had planned to end the summer season but I did manage to capture a few final moments of a a summer I will never forget.