The fading light

isenberg sunset1

Sunsets are always a special time to take pictures. The changing hues of the sky, the warm light, the long shadows all add another dimension to pictures. But it is all to fleeting as the sun’s disk slips below the horizon. In the fading light the shadows deepen, the sky turns deep indigo and the first stars appear.

isenberg sunset2

isenberg sunset3

isenberg sunset4

isenberg sunset5

isenberg sunset6

isenberg sunset7

isenberg sunset8

isenberg sunset9

isenberg sunset10

isenberg sunset11

I made my last trip of the season to the Isenberg Crane Reserve to watch a sunset arrival of the sandhill cranes. I arrived a little more than an hour before sunset to catch the first arrivals of cranes for their evening roost.

isenberg sunset12

isenberg sunset13

isenberg sunset14

isenberg sunset15

isenberg sunset16

isenberg sunset17

isenberg sunset18

isenberg sunset19

isenberg sunset20

isenberg sunset21

There were not many cranes that arrived, although thousands of geese passed over the wetlands before me. As the sunlight faded a stragglers began to arrive settling into the ponds for the evening. A few scattered clouds hovered near Mount Diablo as the sun sank down. The sky turned a brilliant red as twilight approached and the last few cranes landed.

isenberg sunset25

isenberg sunset24

isenberg sunset23

isenberg sunset22

isenberg sunset26

isenberg sunset27

isenberg sunset28

isenberg sunset29

isenberg sunset30

isenberg sunset31

My three sunset trips were the most I’ve made in any season. Isenberg has graced me with many wondrous sights and tonights sunset was the icing on the cake for the arrival season.

isenberg sunset33

isenberg sunset34

isenberg sunset35

isenberg sunset36

isenberg sunset32

isenberg sunset37

isenberg sunset38

isenberg sunset39

isenberg sunset40

isenberg sunset41

I have one more trip left to Isenberg before the year’s end as I head to the wetlands for a chilly dawn launch in December.