Going with the flow

uvas canyon1

The drought has a tight grip on California and trip to Uvas Canyon today showed just haw dry things are.  Gone were the torrents of water cascading over rocks and fallen trees. The water flow was little more than a trickle as it wound down along Swanson Creek.

uvas canyon2

uvas canyon3

uvas canyon4

uvas canyon5

uvas canyon6

uvas canyon7

uvas canyon8

uvas canyon9

uvas canyon10

uvas canyon11

uvas canyon12

I managed to get a few shots in the few spots where the water would tumble across the rocks.  Today was more about the colors I could find on the trail. Clumps of ladybugs clinging to leaves made for a colorful scene.

uvas canyon13

uvas canyon14

uvas canyon15

uvas canyon16

uvas canyon17

uvas canyon18

uvas canyon19

uvas canyon20

uvas canyon21

uvas canyon22

uvas canyon23

uvas canyon24

With any luck late winter and spring rains will breath life into some of my favorite waterfall trails.