True colors

middle trails1

Even though spring is slowly slipping away the trail is awash with color.  Wildflowers are in bloom across the hillside, meadows are acres of green carpet and crystal blue sky sits above the trail. These are the times to remember on the hiking path.

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I made a quick 8-mile hike through the middle of Morgan Territory in a loop I mashed together from some of the less travelled trails in the park. The landscape is a little rougher but I ma in glorious solitude for most of the time on the trail. The wind whipping through the trees along side the trail is the only sound along my path.

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After months of yellow, sun-baked hills there is finally color everyone I look on the trail. for a few more weeks wildflowers will sprout in the grass and add a another touch of color. The hills almost look like ocean waves as the winds whip through the tall grasses.

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Very soon the colors will fade as the summer months take hold of the trail. Until then I will enjoy my colorful sights as i wind my way along the trail.