Raging bull

bloodless bullfights1  07-04-14

Once a year I have an assignment that seems to take me across the seas to a different country. Tucked into a corner of a parking lot off a downtown street men enter a ring and test the courage. Once a year as part of the Portuguese Holy Ghost “festa” celebration matadors, cavalieros and forcados test their mettle in the bull ring.

bloodless bullfights2  07-04-14

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bloodless bullfights17  7-04-14

Bloodless bullfights feature a hook and loop tipped lance s to save the bull from injury as the bull is faced in the ring. Forcados take their turn tackling the bull between matches. It is a cultural heritage passed on from generation to generation on display to the cheers of the crowd.

bloodless bullfights18  7-04-14

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I doubt I will ever make it to Spain and this is as close as I will ever get to witnessing a bullfight.  The history and pageantry are not to be missed.