For the birds

Wanting to escape the triple-digit heat of the Central Valley a couple of coastal trips were on a order. We settled on the Sonoma Coast’s Bodega Bay.

The quaint seaside town is best known for being Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds” where the community is terrorized by relentless flocks of blood thirsty birds. Our two visits including one camping trip was filled with gulls wheeling overhead, wild turkeys passing through our campground and the occasional bark of a sea lion.

Our camping trip was chilly as a continuous fog covered to coast for nearly our entire stay. Hopes for a beach sunset were replaced with a gray pall stretched across the horizon. An earlier day trip had given us blue skies showing the unpredictability of the climate.

From quiet times on the beach to fog filled nights at camp our Bodega Bay trips have been quite beautiful. There are so many more beaches to explore and waves to watch as we continue our coastal adventures.