It’s been such a long time

After a nearly half-a-year hiatus from hiking I finally hit the trail again with a trek around Round Valley Regional Preserve. Bad weather, dangerous trail conditions, Sandhill cranes, a wedding and a more than two-month-long case of bronchitis kept me from the dirt paths I have traversed for years.

Frequent trips to Isenberg have kept me shooting outdoors but standing in front of the wetlands isn’t the same as huffing and puffing my way up a ridge line.

The recent spring-like weather was just the ticket to get back on track on hiking. A trip up and around Hardy Canyon followed by the Miwok and Murphy Meadows trails covered just about the whole park.

Once I am back in the groove I still have to make my yearly ascent up Mount Diablo but I still have a whole spring, summer and fall hikes to look forward to.