The Last Waltz

With winter’s chill in the air I made my last trip of the season to watch the sunrise Isenberg. Cold gray skies veiled in fog greeted my arrival as I had one last chance to watch their dance.

There weren’t may cranes to watch the sunrise, a few gathered in the middle of the wetlands while other crowded near the edges. Maybe the smoke and low temperatures sent them on the next leg of the journey already.

I watched as the cranes rose in the first light of the day, jumping and flapping their wings before finally lifting off. As the last cranes slipped behind the mist my 10th year with he cranes was over.

This year saw glorious sunrises, placid sunsets, the catastrophe of smoke and flights en masse.  The cranes will continue their migration journey and I can begin the countdown for the next season of flights from the quiet wetlands, A wide spot in the road that holds so much beauty.