Eye of the beholder

I’m no artist. I never will be. I studied to be a photojournalist and I don’t think the two will ever converge for me. Some people may be able to do both but I don’t I think I can. As close as I get is some artistic moments, but then they are gone. Talking to artists, people who have a vision then create it I don’t see my work at that level. I see things that are there and capture the moment, sometimes artistically. It sounds weird but I see a difference.

I’m not saying I’m bad with a camera, I can get stuff in focus but when ever I look at my pictures I just can’t see the art in them, I see more documenting like a journalist. Not that it is a bad thing but I don’t think my stuff will ever rise to the plateau of true art.

Creativity is something different, I think I have been creative, I can see pictures better now than I ever have in my career but seeing creatively doesn’t make you an artist  by that fact.

Anyway I don’t think it matters if I’m a true artist or not. The pictures are the same no matter the title. Artist, journalist, citizen with a camera. It is how you look at the images. It is in the eye of the beholder if it rises to art or not.