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Shades of gray

I have to admit I have had a recent fascination with the texture of the storm clouds that brew in the skies above town. The late evening sun has been illuminated the different… Continue reading

Heaven’s Gate

A spring storm rolling through the California Central Valley brought wind rain and bounty of clouds. Out and about I tried to capture some of the more dramatic cloud formations with the iPhone… Continue reading

Cloud 9

For as long as I can remember I have always been fascinated with photographing clouds. When a few storm systems blew across the Central Valley I tried to grab a pictures of the… Continue reading

Sky high

Autumn’s arrival wasn’t marked with a change of colors but a wave of clouds passing through the area. Drought conditions still prevail and the clouds brought little chance of rain but did make… Continue reading

Century series

Temperatures have been creeping up and this weekend’s hike to Devil’s Hole in the Las Trampas Wilderness was certainly a scorcher. With the thermometer inching past the century mark it will be hot… Continue reading

Cardinal direction

Things have been dark for me lately.  A family crisis has dominated my thoughts the last few weeks and with all the pressures of work and life I needed a break from the routine. I needed… Continue reading

After the storm

A thunderstorm rumbled over Tracy today and amid the electrical display was lots of rain. After the first wave had passed I took a look around my parents yard to see what I… Continue reading

Where you find it

I was walking to my car after work today and just as I was about to open the door I noticed a curious thing.  Pulling in to the parking lot earlier in the day I… Continue reading

Homeward bound

On a drive back from the Santa Cruz area today I was passing along a lonely stretch of highway when the clouds filling the March sky screamed for a picture. I know it’s… Continue reading