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Morning reflections

Waiting for the sun to rise Sunday morning in the darkness all you can hear is the trumpeting of cranes in the distance. As dawn breaks the outlines of the cranes and their… Continue reading

Short final

You can always tell when a crane is about to touchdown. There’s kind of a rhythm as the circle in unison wheel around, arch their wings, drop their legs and slow to a… Continue reading

Morning Serenade

An early morning trip to watch the sunrise at the Isenberg Crane Reserve was greeted with a mix of clouds and smoke from fires burning in the region. Through the haze the cranes… Continue reading

The early birds

Heading into the fall months this has been a year like no other. Personal loss, the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems the whole world is changing before me. For one sense of calm and… Continue reading

Giving Thanks

It was birds of a different feather on the menu at Thanksgiving Day trip to watch the sunrise at the Isenberg Sandhill Crane Reserve. The winter rains have finally reached the wetland along… Continue reading

The dance

For such an ungainly looking bird it is amazing how graceful they appear in flight. The twists and turns, gliding through the air apparently effortlessly on the way to a touchdown always amazes… Continue reading

Late in the evening

I am always amazed at the reaction of people who haven’t witnessed a sandhill crane arrival at sunset. Their excitement at the line of cranes as they emerge in the distance at dusk… Continue reading

Chasing the sun

Thousands of cranes call the Isenberg wetlnmads home for the next few months as they continue the migration to warmer climates. A trip to watch the sunrise saw the morning departures as the… Continue reading


The first weekend in October usually means the sandhill cranes have taken up their temporary residency at the Isenberg wetlands. The early vanguards of my first visit have replaced with thousands of cranes… Continue reading

Night and day

Sunset arrival, Saturday September 28  Sunrise departure, Sunday September 29 As the long summer days ebb into the cool breezes and crisp nights of autumn it is time for the sandhill cranes to… Continue reading