Top of the mountain

My February birthday plans of a hike to the summit of Mount Diablo were cut short when a winter storm complete with rain, hail and snow cut my hike short. I still wanted… Continue reading


Walking to my car at work I came across this curious collection of leaves and feathers in the parking lot and snapped a few quick pictures with my iPhone. I’m not sure what… Continue reading

Coming around again

There are a couple photography blogs I follow and one posted a curious tip. Talking about how to become a better photographer it said not to take pictures of things you have photographed in… Continue reading

True colors

Even though spring is slowly slipping away the trail is awash with color.  Wildflowers are in bloom across the hillside, meadows are acres of green carpet and crystal blue sky sits above the… Continue reading


I think that the hardest part of being a professional photographer is just letting your guard down and having fun. No police scanners, deadlines or sports assignments, just enjoying the scenery around me.… Continue reading

Full moon fever

Total lunar eclipses are a spectacular sight.  It’s not that often the moon turns an unnatural shade of red, hanging in the sky looking like some type of foreboding alien planet. With an… Continue reading

The path to the east

I haven’t had a chance to do too much hiking this year.  The weather hasn’t been quite right, I have other plans, it just seems the stars haven’t alined right for me. I… Continue reading

Springing to life

Spring is a little more than a week away and finally I see a change on the trail. The recent rains have brought a splash of green back to the hillsides and it… Continue reading

The memory of trees

My first few hikes this year have been on dry landscapes. Heading to Morgan Territory I started off the hiking season with a stroll along the Volvon and Blue Oak Trails. In late… Continue reading

Going with the flow

The drought has a tight grip on California and trip to Uvas Canyon today showed just haw dry things are.  Gone were the torrents of water cascading over rocks and fallen trees. The… Continue reading