Year’s end

With the days dwindling down on 2013 I have been looking back on what has been the hardest year of my life. My mother’s death has filled my thoughts this year and amid… Continue reading


I don’t talk about work here I like to keep this space reserved for my artistic endeavors.  But some times the line between journalism and art blurs.  This morning was one of those… Continue reading

Let the day begin

There is a serenity that’s hard to describe standing alone in the darkness looking at the stars in the heavens above. Shivering in the pre-dawn starlight I listened to the sounds of sandhill… Continue reading

In the pale moonlight

After the first rain storm of the season blew through Tracy I was driving home from work and saw the waning gibbous moon slowly rising through the scattered cloud remains of the storm.… Continue reading

The fading light

Sunsets are always a special time to take pictures. The changing hues of the sky, the warm light, the long shadows all add another dimension to pictures. But it is all to fleeting… Continue reading


It seems hard to believe a patch of ground north of Lodi could hold such a fascination with people. In the waning light Saturday evening I stood behind a barbwire fence along side… Continue reading

Through a lens darkly

I spent a somber weekend remembering my mom who passed away in June. Her wedding anniversary and a special Mass remembering parishioners who had passed away during the year filled my thoughts. I… Continue reading

Early arrival

Every October I make a special trip to a small wetlands area outside Lodi. You wouldn’t think Lodi could be home to one of the prettiest scenes I can think of but it… Continue reading

Open House

I haven’t been to an air show in years so when I saw a listing for the Livermore Airport Open House and air show I jumped at the chance to see some aerobatic… Continue reading

On cloud nine

Ever since I had my first film camera I have enjoyed taking pictures of clouds. The first storms of the season were an opportunity to break out the 25A red filter to try… Continue reading