Knight skies

Just when I thought all the budget cuts for military airshow performances had ended I read they had extended to the United States Army  as well, clipping the wings of the Golden Knights Parachute Team.… Continue reading

An echo of thunder

Just as the Navy Blue Angels were forced to cancel the remiander of the 2013 airshow season the same fate befell the United States Air Force Thunderbirds Air Demonstration Team.  They also announced… Continue reading

Blue memories

In a press release issued by the Commander Naval Air Forces the United States Navy Air Demonstration team Blue Angles cancelled the remainder of the 2013 season citing budget constraints. The team of… Continue reading

The great wide open

When the walls begin to close in a little too tight I always head for the hills and a hike on a remote trail. Hiking has become the glue that holds my sanity… Continue reading

The climb

I was sitting on the top of Mount Diablo’s Eagle Peak on Saturday looking across the canyon to my next destination.  Off in the distance Diablo’s North Peak and Summit waited under the… Continue reading

After the storm

A thunderstorm rumbled over Tracy today and amid the electrical display was lots of rain. After the first wave had passed I took a look around my parents yard to see what I… Continue reading

Where you find it

I was walking to my car after work today and just as I was about to open the door I noticed a curious thing.  Pulling in to the parking lot earlier in the day I… Continue reading

Wilderness walk

I was looking through some blogs the other day and I came across a curious posting  called 22 Things Happy People Do.  Among the list of feel good solutions to life numer 16 caught my… Continue reading

Night sky

I don’t think I would make a great storm chaser.  You know one of those guys that carries a camera and drives at breakneck speed towards the nearest tornado.  I don’t think so… Continue reading

Sunset hues

They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade, so when life doesn’t give you a view of a comet streaking across the heavens you might as well take some sunset photos. I was… Continue reading