Bad moon rising

Caught this moonrise through the clouds a couple of days ago while I was at work. it was spectacular to watch the moon illuminate the bands of clouds as it arced higher through… Continue reading

Fly in

I had been waiting for this all day summer, the first trip to the Woodbridge Ecological Preserve. Isenberg. It’s funny how a small strip of dirt and a patch of grass can sway… Continue reading

Angle of attack

I don’t have the opportunity¬†to get to many airshows these days so when I heard the Livermore Airport was hosting an open house with aerobatic performances I jumped at the chance. Wandering the… Continue reading

Fall colors

A recent hike to Mont Diablo has the first signs of fall as the leaves change color. Winter with dull grays will soon be upon us but until then I can enjoy the… Continue reading

Nick of time

Patience is a virtue, and sometimes it’s the difference in getting a picture or not. After more than hour of staring at the sky on a cloudy night I was rewarded with a… Continue reading

Sky high

Autumn’s arrival wasn’t marked with a change of colors but a wave of clouds passing through the area. Drought conditions still prevail and the clouds brought little chance of rain but did make… Continue reading

Aerial art

Pyrotechnics bursting in a dazzling display of color and sound is a Fourth of July tradition and capturing the aerial artistry can be somewhat of a challenge. Photographing an explosion in midair takes… Continue reading


Jupiter and Venus came within 1/3 of a degree apart in a planetary conjunction tonight, June 30 2015, that was 2000 years in the making. The two bright planets were close enough to… Continue reading

A walk along the wall

A two month long hiatus from the trail ended with a trip to¬†the southern slopes of Mount Diablo for a hike along Wall Point Trail. The 8.83 mile hike climbs the rock trail… Continue reading

When Worlds Collide

June 19th A planetary conjunction is underway with Jupiter, upper left, and Venus on a visual collision course through the night sky. Venus is 56 million miles from Earth, and Jupiter is 10… Continue reading