Aerial art

Pyrotechnics bursting in a dazzling display of color and sound is a Fourth of July tradition and capturing the aerial artistry can be somewhat of a challenge. Photographing an explosion in midair takes… Continue reading


Jupiter and Venus came within 1/3 of a degree apart in a planetary conjunction tonight, June 30 2015, that was 2000 years in the making. The two bright planets were close enough to… Continue reading

A walk along the wall

A two month long hiatus from the trail ended with a trip to the southern slopes of Mount Diablo for a hike along Wall Point Trail. The 8.83 mile hike climbs the rock trail… Continue reading

When Worlds Collide

June 19th A planetary conjunction is underway with Jupiter, upper left, and Venus on a visual collision course through the night sky. Venus is 56 million miles from Earth, and Jupiter is 10… Continue reading

Not Forgotten

This past Memorial Day weekend I visited one of the largest remembrance events in the area, Not Forgotten held at a Manteca, California park.   The event featured a visit by the traveling… Continue reading

Catching up

I have had a pause on my time on the trail, life gets in the way of things some times and now all the dust has settled it’s time to get back on… Continue reading


Of all the places I hike each year one holds a special place in my heart for its beauty and peacefulness. Tucked into the base of the Santa Cruz mountain range a small… Continue reading

True colors

I can remember a time when the fluid movement of color in a photograph didn’t interest me. Sitting in a lecture in my junior college photography class I scoffed at the idea of… Continue reading


I had planned earlier this year for a series of visits to the Isenberg sandhill crane reserve outside Lodi but work and life kept me away. I managed to find time for one last… Continue reading

Touch down

Every year I make a trip to a small wetlands outside of Lodi to watch migrating sandhill cranes make their evening arrival to the small field by the side of the road. With… Continue reading