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Night sky

I don’t think I would make a great storm chaser.  You know one of those guys that carries a camera and drives at breakneck speed towards the nearest tornado.  I don’t think so… Continue reading

Sunset hues

They say when life gives you lemons make lemonade, so when life doesn’t give you a view of a comet streaking across the heavens you might as well take some sunset photos. I was… Continue reading

The green season

Even though the official start of spring is more than a week away the last few days have been an early glimpse of the warmer days ahead. On the trail the breezes are… Continue reading

Homeward bound

On a drive back from the Santa Cruz area today I was passing along a lonely stretch of highway when the clouds filling the March sky screamed for a picture. I know it’s… Continue reading

Celestial season

The past few nights the full moon rising over Tracy has been spectacular and I couldn’t resist it any longer.  I put the 300mm f.4 lens with a 1.4 extender on my 5D… Continue reading

Picture perfect

You wouldn’t think shooting a portrait could be all that hard but I have seen more simple head shots ruined by bad lighting and busy backgrounds than I can shake a monopod at.… Continue reading

Shadows on the hill

Today’s hike was all about the light.  Climbing along the ridge lines along Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park was a study of light and shadow dancing along the trail today. I headed to Pleasanton Ridge for a quick… Continue reading

Welcome to the viewfinder

Seven years ago I took a bold step I thought and began a blog for the Tracy Press newspaper.  Snapshots has been a way to talk about photography, photojournalism and some of the… Continue reading